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Things to Love about Lee Min Ho (during Benchsetter interview)

Read and Be Excite!


1. He’s polite.

2. His fans give him confidence.
He acknowledged that his job as an actor is not a stable one, so knowing he has millions of fans all over the world gives him the push to concentrate on his job.
3. He knows his fashion.
4. He’s always obsessed with his hair.
 He revealed an
anecdote wherein he ended up not meeting up with his friend because he didn’t
like how his hair looked
even after washing it three times! It’s a good thing he now has a hairstylist to
look after his mane.
5. He loves playing soccer during his spare time.
 In fact, his childhood dream was to become a soccer player.
6. If you really want to see LMH, stake out a movie theater.
The actor loves to watch movies, and he’s mastered the art of sneaking
into the cinema at locations and times when there’s hardly anybody around.
7. He’s got a charming “little boy” sense of humor.
8. He’s disarmingly honest and simple.
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