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Will Lee Min Ho Go To Hollywood?

Is it just a matter of time before kdrama star Lee Min Ho turns his attention to Hollywood?

While his “The Heirs” character Kim Tan actually did go to Hollywood on a sightseeing expedition with Cha Eun Sang that was just in a drama.

But some have speculated that Hollywood will soon ask the successful actor to make an American movie.

And why wouldn’t he follow his fellow Korean actors Lee Byung Hun, who starred in the American films “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “Red 2,” Jung Woo Sung who appeared in a remake of “The Killer” or Bae Doona, who appeared in “Cloud Atlas?”

On a recent episode of “Radio Star,” actor Kim Soo Ro talked about how he noticed Lee Min Ho’s Hollywood potential the first time he met him.

At the movie audition Kim Soo Ro told others that Min Ho would be a leading national actor.

“What I meant was that he was going to be an actor who will represent Korea,” said Kim Soo Ro. “Just from his looks, I knew he would become a Hallyu star. And I had a feeling that when he’s around 30 or 40, he’ll definitely go to Hollywood.”

Although the role Min Ho was auditioning for was already filled, Kim Soo Ro talked with the director and persuaded him to cast Min Ho in the film “Our School E.T.”

And American film producers have already shown some interest in Min Ho. When he was filming “City Hunter,” an American producer Terence Chang flew to Korea to meet him. Chang had worked with Korean director Lee Jae Han and actor Jung Woo Sung on the Hollywood film “The Killer.” He was impressed.

At the time, Chang said that Lee Min Ho “looked even better in person and is an actor who can challenge himself endlessly.”

Lee Min Ho expressed his gratitude for Chang’s interest.

“I felt very fortunate and grateful that such a famous producer came to Korea to meet me,” said Lee. “I will continue to work hard and prepare myself in foreign languages to succeed abroad.”

If his English in the early episodes of “The Heirs” is any indication, his English skills are coming along but he could still use some practice.

He does have a few Hollywood actors he admires. One is Leonardo Di Caprio. The other is Edward Norton.

“The way he gives off such a comfortable vibe while oozing out charisma is so impressive,” said Lee Min Ho of Norton. “If I meet him, I will ask him to be my teacher. First, I think I need to diligently learn English.”

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