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[ANNOUNCEMENT] New staff member at your service~

Hey Airen~ ^^

I think I should introduce myself first~ Hmm where do I begin? I’m Tori and let’s just say I’m younger than Seunggi so that automatically makes him ‘oppa’. I’ve been an Airen for quite a long time now since I first fell in love with oppa when he debuted as a permanent MC on 1N2D~ It’s amazing how so many years have passed since Mr.Promoter and Heodang were first introduced. Even now after watching TK2H, I still prefer Heodang oppa instead of King Lee JaeHa- mostly because it’s the ‘real’ side of oppa! I have to say it’s his singing which really made me become the dedicated fan I am today- and yes I know all the lyrics to all his songs, having bought all his albums! To be honest, I’ve always loved oppa since the variety show but it’s only recently that I’ve really become obsessed with him (not sasaeng fan style!) It’s all because I met Seunggi oppa everyday during his stay in the UK (22/o6/12- 25/o6/12)~ It was a DAEBAK experience and so so surreal! I’m currently writing the fan account but I have released Chapter 1 and Chapter 2: Part (i)~ I may post it on this or link it later. Hope you enjoy reading it and… AIREN HWAITING!



P.S: Remember to vote for oppa~ @ http://en.korea.com/event/sda2012/

P.P.S: I’ve noticed that people have become less active so let’s try and liven up the fan club again! Show all the other clubs that Airen are the best~ ;D

P.P.P.S: You can contact me via:-

-Twitter: lsgairentori

-Youtube: waetoria

-Instagram: waetoria

-Hotmail: waetoria@hotmail.co.uk


아이렌 화이팅!