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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Video Message Event for Lee Seung Gi’s 8th Debut Anniversary

Get ready to join this project of the Official Lee Seung Gi fanclub which is also open to all Airens around the world. Lee Seung Gi’s 8th year anniversary in the entertainment industry is on June 5th, so get your video cameras ready and send your greetings for him..


“Rachel has been very busy (with organizing support for SeungGi at the London Olympics torch relay, among many other things) and didn’t get a chance to post an English notice, so I’m just helping her relay a message. This event is organized by the official fan club, but you do NOT need to be an official member to participate. In fact, any fans or fan groups are welcome to participate!!!

The official fanclub is holding a video message event. We would like to ask fans to record their own messages congratulating SeungGi’s 8th debut anniversary. There is no time limit on the individual video message, but please don’t make it too long. It can be a video of any sort (You don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to, you can point your camera at something else and record your voice). But please do not edit videos from other sources like TK2H due to copyright issues.

Please send it to airenstaff@hanmail.net ASAP! The videos will be put onto a USB especially made for SeungGi. It will look the same as the one in TK2H, the bling bling one he gave to BongGu.”



cr: @mufceva via tryp96