• ashihana posted an update 3 years ago

    congrats to winners~~~ ^_^

    • You didn’t win??I thought you have the most comment here

      • yeah..for sure i must be sad…i thought my fingers were about to broke too and i even sleep late just for this..but maybe i’m just unlucky..;(

        • awww..i know what do you feel..anyway,fighting!would you accept my friend’s request?

          • it’s okay..i didn’t mind much actually…some friends are tagging me everywhere and it seems like i was reallllllllyyy disappointed for not winning…lol..i’m chill much..those longs comments makes that looks so…

    • we can try it next time ;)

      • yeah..maybe…i think i don’t have any free time after this,i’ll start to have my busiest life soon…so byebye Korea.com after this…lol

        • i thought u will win

          • i thought that too but after read @cherishplay comments.. i think she’s right..i entered another contest but i can never win again because I’ve won once 2 years ago here…