• fairy20 posted an update from leeseunggi 3 years ago

    boring university life loads of assignments and quizzes :( ((((((((((((((((

    • refreshing :D
      hahah, I’m still high school :D

      • just wait till u got to the uni…tons of thins need to be done..phew~~

      • @myralycra yeah right. Its very hectic to manage three fan clubs along with studies. My mid term is also near :( ((((((((

        • wow..thats amazing..just how come u can manage that..u’re totally awesome !!!

          • thank you i also dont know how i manage 3 fan clubs.I think if u have passion and determination u can able to face any hurdles.:)

            • yeah..u’re surely got the passion..
              i dont whether i can be like u..
              keep it up..hwaiting !!!

      • @atristya enjoy your high school life as you can. once you enter in the university you would get know about the hectic routine. :D

    • lily replied 3 years ago

      oh..me too. so buzy