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Kang Min Kyung apologizes to Lee Seung Gi

On June 2nd, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung left a message of apology to singer Lee Seung Gi through her Twitter.

Kang Min Kyung tweeted, “I’m so sorry! If I knew that sunbaenim (senior) personally picked it out… My bad, I’m stupid, a variety show idiot… It’s so hard. I was trying to be funny.. In times like this, I will work even harder towards our album preparations, To good music!”

For those of you unfamiliar with the situation, on the May 31st episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, Kang Min Kyung revealed that after featuring for Lee Seung Gi’s song, she received a luxurious wallet from him as a gift. However, she stated, “The wallet I received from Lee Seung Gi looked very old fashioned. There was also a gift receipt inside, so I exchanged it for a different one” – raising the eyebrows of viewers.

After the airing of the program, several viewers left comments such as “Still, it’s a present from your sunbae…”, “Lee Seung Gi must be embarrassed”, and, “Do you have to say things in such a manner?”

To Kang Min Kyungs apology, netizens stated, “I just thought it was funny”, “Don’t worry too much about it”, “Things like this can occur when you’re trying to be funny…”, and “I will actually wait for a good album.”

Source: Newsen via Nate