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Lee Seung Gi appears in ‘Smapsmap’ “He acts well even in Japanese!”

In the skit, Lee Seung Gi appeared as actress Kumi’s boyfriend. Lee Seung Gi’s character Hwan, a Korean who runs a Korean restaurant in Japan, recalled memories of Seon Woo Hwan, who Seung Gi acted as in the drama Shining Inheritance.

Inagaki Goro acted as a boyfriend who still has lingering affection towards his girlfriend. In contrast, Seung Gi acted as a typical good guy.

The netizens who watched the show praised his acting by saying, “I’m happy that he’s playing a good role.” , “Your acting was excellent!” , “Your Japanese pronunciation is really good” , “Wow I can’t believe that you were on a broadcast with SMAP” , “I think your pronunciation and acting are the best among other Korean actors.” , “I didn’t know Seung Gi was this cool” , “You’re better than I thought” , “There definitely is a Korean wave sweeping over Japan!”

Source Daum by Ilnung