• After so long!! It’s really good to be back! :) ) I miss you all Bestfriends! :) ) ^_^ To be honest, I thought I will be no longer a staff here because I’m no longer that active but when I click the staffs list and saw my name..Woah! Thank you so much! for not revoking my position :) ) Manager @jhixelle04 Thank u po ^_^ I will try my best to be…[Read more]

  • Going to be an Official Tamaraw soon!! FEU..here I am!!..:D
    How’s everyone?! I really miss you all…specially my Dearly Bestfriends!..and my co-staffs @jaglobo @imursweetestgf and my understanding manager @jhixelle04 ♥♥♥
    Goin’ to be activate now..:))

  • Final Exam is OVER!!..2 weeks till Graduation!!..wahhhh…>.<..On Monday is our Grad.Picture Taking
    ottokke??..I will miss HS Life…^_^

  • So sorry Bestfriends..If I’m not active..I’m just busy in school..because almost 2 weeks left before our last periodic exam then graduation..so many things to be done..But If I have time I will surely update..^_^ Lovelots BESTFRIENDS..^_^

  • Annyeong! Bestfriends!! I’m back..I miss you all..^_^ ♥ So sorry for not updating the fanclub..Hope you understand..^_^ Btw.. Kong Hei Fat Choi!!

  • azilemkemaru posted an update from b2st 2 years, 11 months ago

    Bestfriends! Mianhe..If I can’t update you always..because of my very hectic sched due to my Chorale Competition..Hope you understand..^_^ @jhixelle04 Unnie Mianhe kung di po ako nakakapag update..busy po kc sa school e..:)

  • Merry Merry Christmas & Advance Happy New Year Bestfriends! I wish that you all the best..^_^ @jhixelle04 @imursweetestgf @jaglobo Thanks for everything..Love you my dear Fellas…^_^

  • azilemkemaru posted an update 3 years ago

    I experience the best Christmas Party ever..not because of the Christmas Party itself but the happenings after that…me together with my 11 fellas…go to ATC & Festival Mall..Super gala kmi dun…Lahat kmi puro nagka wedge..hhahahah…pinagtitingin na nga kmi e..heheheh..:D

    • Chie replied 3 years ago

      I miss having the best part of Christmas :”( Too bad I’m already a college student we don’t prepare something like that. We prepare social life, like going to a bar. But I dont like that T__T

      • so what do you do during christmas? don’t you have any christmas parties with your friends? :( that’s pretty bad

      • @Chie Ok lng yun…kaya nga ineenjoy na namin yung Christmas Party namin ngayon kc next year wala na…hehhheheh…^_^

  • azilemkemaru posted an update from boyfriend 3 years ago

    [ANNOUNCEMENT] Filipino Bestfriends, please be informed that due to the hectic schedules of Boyfriend and Sistar, their event here in the Philippines (which is supposedly on February 2012) won’t push through anymore. This is according to Ms. HAPPEE SY. Thank you! via BoyfriendPH

  • azilemkemaru posted an update 3 years ago

    Congrats to our beloved BOYFRIEND! & To all BESTFRIENDS because BOYFRIEND WINS THE ”BEST NEW ARTIST” in SBS!!I’m PROUD TO BE BESTFRIEND! Chukahapnida Boyfriend!! You deserves it! Saranghae BOYFRIEND!

  • azilemkemaru posted an update 3 years ago


  • azilemkemaru posted an update from boyfriend 3 years ago

    @minniemanics Unnie, how are you?..Mianhe kung di na ko nagkakapag-update..super busy po kc sa school activities e..:)Promise I will spend my Christmas vacation in updating our fanclub..^_^ Miss u & all the Boyfriend Fanclub staffs..^_^

    • hahha LOL mali tag mo sa username ko peroo whahha nabasa ko naman siigge i understand whahah been on the same situation as you naman eh… peroo keep in mind the ruless..
      the labeling such us…..

  • azilemkemaru posted an update from boyfriend 3 years ago

    Bestfriends..I heard some news..:/ Please always remember that were just human like all of you..we also need respect & understanding..please don’t judge us..if we make some mistakes..because we do our very best to give you the best updates about Boyfriend..so please let be united for the sake of our BOYFRIEND..:) Love U Bestfriends..^_^

  • azilemkemaru posted an update from boyfriend 3 years ago

    Bestfriends..Christmas is Near..:) For the exchange of my absences..I will give you some Christmas Gifts..:) Though it’s not a material thing..But I know all of you will be happy…Promise..^_^

  • azilemkemaru posted an update 3 years ago

    I’m back from school..:D how was ur day everyone?..:) going to update bestfriends..so stay tuned..^_^

  • azilemkemaru posted an update from boyfriend 3 years ago

    Annyeong!…I miss you all guys..:D I’m back again..:D

  • I miss BOYFRIEND..I miss BESTFRIENDS too…:( all i can do now is make some glances in the happenings about them..I hate this busy week..:((

  • OMG!..I leave for 4 days already..& seems that so many changed..Omg! I hate this when I dont know anything about Boyfriend..:O

  • Bestfriends…Mianhe..I can’t update these past few days because I need to practice the Japanese Version of Genie by SNSD because I will perform it to our Foreign Language class..& still I can’t update this coming week because our Mini-Business will start next week.Hope Bestfriends understand me..But don’t worry I will try my very best to…[Read more]

  • “[!!!] this is an important post. Starship doesn’t allowed fansites to make any Boyfriend goods and they’re closing down one by one now. as you know, fans are the most important thing for artist, they’re the key to their success. fansites are so important, because they’re the one who actually meet the boys and support them directly. if this…[Read more]

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