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Fei believes she doesn’t know anything

Chinese members of miss A, Jia and Fei debuted with the group in 2010.

Rising from the stage of rookies to winning many awards after debuting, miss A has gained a lot of popularity for their music and dance performances. Jia and Fei became two of the most known Chinese entertainers in Korea.

Due to language barrier, the girls sometimes don’t understand what’s going on the shows. Many believe that it was the reason why they don’t attend variety shows. Yet, it’s not really the case.

On May 16, Fei updated her weibo saying that she doesn’t know anything. She wrote, “I really think that I’m a person that don’t even have a little of variety cells in me, people go up on shows and perform their skills like magic tricks, cold gags, imitation, gag, B-box… What about me? I don’t know anything T_T My mind is now so complicated and messy! What should I do? Come, hurry and save me!”

Upon seeing this, a Chinese entertainer YanSu comforted her with this message, “Fei ah… Don’t say it like that… Last time, we did lots of variety shows together for a long time. I think you know everything! Very good! And also you can bring out that vigorous when discussing the heating and cooling of the conditioning with the hotel Aunty on shows. I think it’s very variety ah!”

“Yan Su said it very well.” Jia said. Fei wasn’t completely in believing them – she responded “you guys can’t be like this.”

Thinking that things will be forgotten in a couple of days, an American-born Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan responded to her by commenting, “You’re absolutely the funny one.”


Translation by: missAnews
Reported by: mya@ultimate-adora.com

Credit to : Miss A (Say A) Malaysia