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Jia & Min instagram Update!

therealminnn Pretty nails make me so happy +_+

therealminnn Don’t need to talk when the food is out! Totally ignoring each other…LOL#memories

 therealminnn I love you too #taipei #sayA #missA

 therealminnn Watch out for the road when it’s raining 

 mjbaby0203 So~~~~~~~~~~~~~good!!!!!!!!!!!

mjbaby0203 i like~this song~<星晴>

[Trans] i like~this song~<Starry Mood>(trans by @jiayo890203)

mjbaby0203 King 在这里~Lol<~~!!!!!!!!

[Trans]Trans: King is here~Lol<~~!!!!!! (trans by @jiayo890203)

 mjbaby0203 I love my pants~~^^

credit to Miss A news