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Min received something special from friends & fans

Min was receiving a lot of loving and birthday wishes for her 21st birthday.

As the clock hits midnight of June 21, fans and friends of Min sent her birthday wishes through phones as on Twitter. They even hang a huge banner of her, wishing her a happy birthday on the JYP Entertainment building.

A large photo was seen alongside with a small photo at the corner of the banner, along with the words, ” Happy Happy Birthday! Will always cheer you on! You are the best! Thank you so, so much for being born!”

Minutes after seeing this banner, Min gratefully tweeted “I Just saw this… it was so sweet of you guys <3 Thank you so much, and I love you guys mwah <3,” and attached the photo.

Her fellow band members also wished her a happy birthday on twitter. Jia tweeted, “Lee Min ah!!! Happy birthday!!!! my baby girl!!!! love you!! <3<3″ She later uploaded a photo of themselves together on instagram with the caption “Baby~Min Happy birthday.”

Meanwhile Fei tweeted, “Our Min, who is the cutest in the world. Happy birthday, are you getting goose bumps? Ok, I won’t say any goose bumps-including words anymore. You must always be happy forever… Anyways see you tomorrow.”

Credit to Utimate-Adora