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Miss A, 4 members with 4 different facial expressions

Group Miss A member Jia revealed an old photo taken with the members.

Jia tweeted on the 10th, “It’s been a long time~~ lol lol who is min talking to……???”, and she revealed the photo above.

In the photo, all four members of Miss A can be seen posing differently and with different facial expressions. Min is seen making a phone call, Suzy’s pretending to be annoyed at something or someone, Fei looks frustrated, and Jia’s getting a kick out of the members kidding around.

Netizens commented on Miss A’s group photo, “When was this? They do look younger don’t they”, “They all look so beautiful just like now”, I love the way Fei’s making her face”, and so on.

Source: OSEN via Nate

credit to Kpopfever