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miss A celebrates with the Wonder Girls for the first win of “Like This”

Miss A‘s Min shared a photo of the Wonder Girls‘ celebratory party for their first place win on ‘Music Bank.

On June 15th, Min attached the above photo on her Twitter and wrote, “Congratulations on winning 1st place! Here’s a group photo“.

In the photo, Wonder Girls’ YennyYubinSoheeLim, and miss A’s Min and Jia pose for the camera while holding a congratulatory cake.

Followers who saw the photo commented, “Where is Sun?“, “It’s only been one week since their comeback and they already won 1st place. Congratulations!“, “They all look so happy“, and “The mighty girl groups, Miss A and Wonder Girls! I hope both of them continue to be successful!

Wonder Girls made their powerful comeback with the title song “Like This” on the June 15th broadcast of KBS‘ ‘Music Bank’, snagging this week’s ‘K-Chart’ award.

Congratulations again to the Wonder Girls!

After the MuBANK they also tweeting each other

150612 [TWITTER] @missA_jia : Wonder girls 뮤뱅 1위!!!!!!!!오예~~~축하축하~~
(Wonder girls mubank no1!!!!!!!! ohyea~~~ congrats congrats~~)
-trans cr jiaYO

150612 [INSTAGRAM] @missA_min : 1위축하해!!!! 인증샷 짜잔
( congratulation for no 1 in Musicbank! evidence shot!!)
-trans cr missAnews

150612 [TWITTER] @missA_min : Wonder girls !!!!!!! 1위 축하해 !!!!!!! 인증샷 을찍어야하는데에ㅠ Like this yooooooo
(Wonder girls !!!!!!! Congratulations #1 !!!!!!! we should take a certification picture Like this yooooooo )

-trans cr missAnews

150612 [TWITTER] @WGyenny thanks @missA_min @missA_jia for coming to Mubank today : 오늘 와줘서 딘짜진짜 고마워잉 ㅠㅠ 제왑여성가수들 뭉치자!!! <333
(thank you so much for coming today ㅠㅠ Let’s gather, JYP girl singers!!! <33)

-trans cr missAnews

150612 [TWITTER] @WGyubin thanks @missA_min @missA_jia for coming to Mubank today :오늘 와줘서 너무 고마웠엉!! 땡큐땡큐!!
( Thank you so much for coming today!! thank you thank you!!)
-trans cr missAnews

Source & Image: Min’s Twitter

Credit to Allkpop & MissAnews/MissA Malaysia(Say A)