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Suzy and actor Baek Sunghyun chatted with fans

Actor Baek SungHyun and Suzy recently snapped a photo together.

On June 28, the actor Baek Sunghyun uploaded a photo on his me2day account with the caption, “I had fun chatting today. Please stay tune on “Big”. A photo with Suzy.”

Both of them are currently cast of Comedian Romance drama “Big”, where Suzy plays the role of Jang Mari, the reckless girl who’s in love with Kang Kyungjoon, and Baek Sunghyun plays the role of Gil ChoongShik, the silly boy who likes Jang Mari.

It was previously announced that they will have an open chat on me2day with their fans, whereas 10 people were selected to have conversation with them.

The actors had a great time talking with their fans and proved their happiness by taking a picture with a big smile on their faces. Their beautiful appearances made people feel happy as well.

K-netizens who came across this, commented, “They look good together.” “The people who chatted with hem are lucky. I will stay tune on the drama though.”, “Just watching your conversation made me happy.”

Source & imageTV report via en.korea.com