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Suzy done plastic surgery?

Lately, Suzy’s picture from her junior high school days really attract netizen. They compare both the left and right pictures. On the right picture, it shows that Suzy got the smaller eyes and a round face. But on the left picture, Suzy got the bigger eyes and a more sharp face.
So, netizen start to think that Suzy done some plastic surgery program. And said that “is Suzy truly beauty?”.

Beside that, Suzy herself has said that she’s not doing any plastic surgery, except her teeth laminated program. If the pictures are different, we think it makes sense, because the one is from Junior high school that her hair is not as long as now and she has different shapes of face now because she has done some diet and of course for teenagers their face and body can be changed with time. But if you take a look at the picture closely, her beauty face remains the same. ^^

Original from : (news: cr tvdaily)

Credit to Miss A Facts