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Suzy Like VAMPIRE or as HAPPY teenager??

Lately in IY2 Suzy already says she like to watch “Vampire Diaries” and she like the vampire name Damon. She also make improvement in Variety Skills as we can see it in IY2. As the maknae in IY2, Suzy with her 4D thinking   always have an awkward moment when she get together with the unnie’s. Hyoyeon from SNSD has say in ep21 “its hard to make gag’s with Suzy”.

In the episode Suzy also couple up with Shin Young who also feel awkward with Suzy, but Suzy want to break the awkward wall between them in that episode, as Shin Young also said she want to study more about Suzy to get close and have a long talk with her. Are they success to break the awkward wall between them?

We can get the answer in ep23 of IY2. Suzy & Shin Young get together again in 1 team. At the first opening for the show Suzy make a joke when the unnie’s ask her to buy something for them as celebration for her 3rd winning awards,Suzy answer it with “Bang” (act like shoot them with pistol),the other team get blur but Shin Young when up say “If you want to get friendly with Suzy just accept it,this was a cheesy joke” and they all laugh together.At the end of the episode the guest has said he feel happy watching all of them together especially Shin Young,Suzy and Jiyoung ” we see they playing together in IY2 and really they weren’t acting and just doing it off camera” – Gong Hyung Jin (special guest in ep23)