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Suzy shows off hip hop moves

Who knew that the National first love Bae Suzy would have a tough girl image past?

On June 16, an episode of TV Chosun’s Entertainment in TV – the Trend broadcast, revealed photos of Suzy from her middle school days. It showed the singer-actress in a Celtics jersey and baggy jeans breaking it down hip hop style.

Celebrity managers, stylist and trainers come together on the “Made In” segment of the show to share behind-the-scenes stories of stars.

On this particular episode, Suzy’s trainer made an appearance on the show, and spilled on how the girl group member maintains and her healthy figure, and the response may shock you.

The trainer revealed, “Suzy is the type to go to the convenient stores in between her schedules to eat kimbap and snacks,” continuing with, “She had the body type that eats well, exercise well and is strong.”

Credit to Miss A Facts