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The actor abused by MissA’s Suzy, “Don’t drink water! Haha.”

This May 13th, SBS broadcasted, ‘Good Sunday’. MissA, 4minute, Krystal of f(x), Kara’s Seung Yeon and Gyuri, appeared in ‘Good Sunday’ with their partners’ Wedding lace unfolded.

Haha! The pleasure of the resin and the couple revealed. While in joy. The bride will piggyback by the resin in 10 seconds to pass through a section. They had to finish the mission.

They must not do these:

- Within 10 seconds of holding the bride, by standing up or sitting down seven times.

- If they fail again to piggyback the bride. They must go to the three segments.
While the resin piggybacked her ‘bride’, “You alright?” he Said while running.

But When their mission failed, “Don’t drink even a sip of water!!” she abused the resin.


Source: Nate