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Trainers reveal Min & Suzy’s body secrets

The summer is here, and it’s never too late to get healthy for any season.

In recent article of Ceci Magazines-Soompi, the trainers revealed celebrities body secrets to prepare for a summer look. Whereas many are curious of how female idols prep themselves up for next promotions.

Among the list up of celebrities, miss A’s Min and Suzy were mentioned. As the journalist took a trip into rA Fitness & Hot Yoga, to have a chat with Ham SangHo, and Park HyoSoo who are two of the trainers at the gym. Ham SangHo described Min’s work out as Maximum Volume.

The trainer revealed, “Min’s tight body s a result of her current circuit training workouts. She repeats six to twelve Kettlebell and TRX type exercises in sets (“circuits”) at a high intensity without any breaks. Increase in strength and agility are a given, and additional benefits included increased flexibility and weight loss.”

Meanwhile, trainer Park HyoSoo named Suzy’s workout as the Silhouette Goddess, who revealed, “Suzy’s body changed drastically recently, and she’s been hard at work to balance her body. Follow her routine if you wan to straighten out your shoulders and slim down your neck. She created her curves and lovely silhouette with a combination of weight training and core exercises.”

If you have to be in Korea, check out the gym where both miss A and 4Minute love, rA Fitness & Hot Yoga in Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu. If you’re lucky, you’ll see both of the members’ group working out together as 4Minute’s Gayoon revealed she sometimes goes to work out with miss A’s Jia.

Source: Ceci & Soompi

Images: NyLon

Credit to Ultimate Adora!