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“What’s the same and the different?” Suzy and Jun Jihyun 19 years old on photo

A photo of 19 years old Suzy and Jun Jihyun became a hot topic in internet.

Recently on internet bulletin board there is a hot topic with title “19 years old Jun Jihyun Vs 19 years old Suzy”.

As “National First Love” icon Introduction to Architecture Suzy and as the “Pure Beauty” icon Jun Jihyun who had been famous with My Sassy Girl movie both of them had caught many men hearts since their debut days.

Many people said that Suzy in the pictures reminds them Jun Jihyun. The same white skin and long legs also the same pure beauty had caught many attentions.

Netizen comments are like “both of them are very pretty” “they steal many men hearts” and “they are same in beauty”.

Recently, Suzy is playing on her new KBS 2 “Big” drama as a Korean-American girl, Jang MaRi.


(cr: paran.com)

Source : Miss A Facts