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Miss A’s Suzy confesses, “My first kiss was with…”


Recently, Miss A’s Suzy has made a confession about her first kiss.

The singer appeared in a recent episode of TV Chosun’s Entertainment in TV in the segment called “Gwang Hwa Moon Sonata” and shared her first kiss in kindergarten.

She started, “I don’t have my first love yet, but I had many crush. I even cried because I liked this boy very much.”

As the interview continued with the story of her kissing scene with Lee Je Hoon in the movie Introduction to Architecture, Suzy was asked, “When was your first kiss?” She confessed, “When I was in kindergarten. I kissed him.”

She continued, “I like to be honest with my feelings and confess them to the one I like instead of being awkward around him.” The star did not hesitate to share an experience of getting rejected when she confessed her feelings.

Suzy’s first kiss story will be revealed on March 22 at 9:50 p.m. in Entertainment in TV.