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miss A gives a behind-the-scenes tour of their practice room

The four ladies of miss A Fei (24), Jia (22), Min (20), Suzy (17) – are sure flying high these days! Their first full-length album, “A-Class“, was released on July 18th, and it’s been making waves across many music charts, thanks to its lead track, “Good Bye Baby“. The song’s beats are refreshing and cool enough to counteract the intense summer heat, so it comes as no surprise that it’s snatched #1 on the charts.

The music video for ‘Good Bye Baby’ showcases intense choreography that have raised everyone’s expectations for their live performance. On July 21st, miss A took fans on a tour of their rehearsal room by sharing some very special selcas.

Check them out below!


> Hello. I am big unni Fei. We released ‘Good Bye Baby’ with much anxiety, but thank you for your love and support. Seeing the track reach #1 on the charts made me cheer with excitement. For this reason, we will prepare for our on-stage performance with an even stronger effort. The weather is hot and practices are long, but we are able to endure it by thinking of all of you.

We reveal to you pictures of miss A hard at practice for our first stage performance. This is what we have been doing while we have not been able to meet with all of you.

> Here are my little sisters who are always challenging me. Next to me is our youngest Suzy (who is teasing), and our beautiful Min (who is holding a peace sign).

> Our maknae Suzy must be very tired. She’s so exhausted that she is leaning on my shoulder. Be strong, maknae~ hehe.

> Here we reveal the backsides of miss A. Hehe. How do we look? Every time we practice, we must check ourselves in the mirrors to make sure we are all on the same page.

> Do we look pretty from the back? We also look beautiful from the front~… Just by looking at our elongated figures, you feel refreshed, right?

> Guys~ why are you fighting? Jia seems to be hitting a very angry Min. Aren’t they cute when they horse around? Hehe.

> Keke. Our maknae Suzy sneakily snuck out of the office to eat. Isn’t she cute even when she eats ddukbokki?

> What are you girls looking at so seriously? I haven’t seen them concentrate on something so hard like this in a while, so it feels a little strange.

> Taking a break because we’re so exhausted from our routine. We’re having trouble focusing after dancing for several hours :(

Seems like the girls are spending a ton of hours and energy to deliver that perfect comeback performance. Stay tuned to allkpop as we cover their ‘M! Countdown‘ stage later on tonight!


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