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    In reply to: maybee posted an update annyeong my friends @jaglobo, @yurirain, @dessertlover, @dahlaine, @ayah, @chixu, @nessah, @hajarino, @rommyllynazarcon, and ALL my friends… good night.. safely rest dear.. ^^ View

    @dahlaine ,,
    i don’t know,, why really like him…
    you must watch him dear…
    hha… ^^

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    nothing can separate us, because we are sisters. hopefully for forever (for my two oenni, i have you two, i think is enough. no matter what i am happy)

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    @Jaglobo & @yurirain talk to the both of you tomorrow. Goodnight. See you in my dreams. :)

  • Goodmorning Everyone. I would like to inform you that Jag will be discharge this afternoon. She’s doing better and she misses all her friends here, especially her sister yurirain. She’ll keep in touch soon. Thank you very much, for all your prayers and support. I can see how good and wonderful Jag is because, she has lots of friends, who cared a…[Read more]

    • thank you Nathan 오빠 for your news..

      • You’re Welcome. She always talked about you, she miss you so much. It’s nice to meet you.

        • yes, she always talked about you too, Nathan 오빠. i am very worried when she had a migraine, often. i miss her too. tell her i really miss her and want to her get well soon. nice to meet you too Nathan 오빠

          • Not to worry. She’s very brave and I admire her the way she is.

            • yes i know it. but i still worried when she didn’t give me the news. we always give a news each other. when she didn’t online, she always tell me before it so do i. before she had a migraine, we still communication. so when you told me she had a migraine i am really worried.

              • She has a severe migraine but she’s ok now. She will be here soon. Thank you for taking good care of your onni, yurirain.

                • thank you for talk with me Nathan 오빠. don’t forget to tell her i miss her so much. please take care her for me, okay :)