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[Trans - Fancafe] The ones I miss… MYgirl from GunWoo

[Trans - Fancafe] The ones I miss… MYgirl

마이걸여러분 안녕하세요 건우입니다^^
벌써부터 여러분들이 보고싶어서 큰일입니다….
저희마이네임은 일본에서 열심히 활동중이예요~!날씨완전더워요 한국도완전덥죠?
여러분들 덥다구 인상팍팍쓰지말구 인상쓰면 주름살 생기니까요!! 생(기면고생혀~~)
항상웃고 물항상 가지고다니면서 드세요~!! 저희마이네임도 더워서아주죽겠어요ㅠㅠ
일본에서 열심히활동해서 좋은소식만 듣게하는 마이네임이될께요!! 금방돌아갈테니까
여러분들꼭 기다려주세요!!
사랑한다 마이걸!!♥

MYgirls, Hello, I’m Gunwoo^^
I already miss all of you so it’s gonna be a big problem….
Ahh… I miss you
We, MYNAME are working hard on our promotions in Japan~!The weather is very hot. It’s very hot in Korea too right?
Everyone, don’t pull a face and say it’s hot. Because if you pull a long face, you’ll get wrinkles!! (You’ll suffer if you get wrinkles~~)
Always smile and carry a bottle around with you all the time to drink~!! MYNAME are feeling hot too that we can’t stand itㅠㅠ
We will be MYNAME who will work hard and let you hear only good news!! We will be back soon
so everyone please wait!!
I love you MYgirl!!♥

Source: MYNAME’s Fancafe
Translation: MYNAMESG