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Lee Jang Woo kisses Park Min Young for 6 hours

Actor Lee Jang Woo recently revealed he shot a real kissing scene for a TV series.

Lee appeared in the March 13 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart and said, “I don’t like that people are calling it a kissing scene, even though its just actors pretending to kiss.” He said he kissed Park Min Young, who played a part opposite to him, for real in KBS’s series Glory Jae In.

Lee added, “We were planning to shoot a kissing scene and the writer said that we should kiss for real. I told Park that I would kiss her for real.”

“It actually took 6 hours to shoot the kissing scene because we had to shoot the scene from a variety of camera angles. As a result, the scene was rated not suitable for children under 19.”

Besides Lee, After School’s UEE, Park Ji Yoon, 2AM, Jang Young Nam, and Choi Ji Yeon also appeared on the show.