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Park Min Young’s “Makeup Dance” on ‘City Hunter’ finally revealed!

It’s been three weeks since SBS’s City Hunter ended its run on TV, and we’re sure that many of you are missing seeing Lee Min HoPark Min Young, and many others from the drama.

If you recall, we covered about how Park Min Young had attempted the ‘makeup-dance’ from f(x)’s hit track, “NU ABO”. Unfortunately, the scene didn’t quite make it onto the broadcast, as it was cut out from the episode. But this means that patient fans will get a treat, as it’s finally emerged online!

Park Min Young was said to have practiced the dance right up to the recording of the scene. Despite the fact that it was only a small scene in the episode, the actress couldn’t brush off her nervousness, especially since it was for Lee Min Ho to watch. But she didn’t have to worry about flopping at all, since her aegyo-filled performance helped lighten the mood on the set.

Check out her adorable performance below!

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