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Park Shin Hye’s Twitter Update–July 21, 2012


her tweet:

오늘 밤 11시 생방송으로 진행되는 tvn 코리아갓탤런트 시즌2!! 규원이와 함께했던 바람꽃 멤버들이 V.star(퓨전국악)로 세미파이널에 출연합니다!! 멋진경연이 기대되는데요>_< 많은 응원 부탁드려요!! 문자투표도 진행된다고 하니까 참고해주세요!! 많은 응원부탁드려요!!! V.star 화이팅!!



They are taking place today at 23:00 tvn Korea’s Got Talent Season 2! And left behind two members gyuwon baramkkot V.star (Fusion Music) is starring in a semi-final! ‘m Looking forward a great contest> _ <deuryeoyo ask a lot of support! Please refer to vote because that character progression! Deuryeoyo ask a lot of support! V.star fighting!


credits to Park Shin Hye’s Twitter Account