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PSH Twitter Update–July 31, 2012




35도..촬영장은 더워요ㅠㅅㅠ촬영장 옆에 쌀집 어머님께서 더우니까 안에 들어와있으라고 해주셨는데 아버님께서 요구르트도 주셨답니다.>_<공덕동 쌀집 어머님 아버님 감사합니다. 너무 시원해요..^ㅡ^* http://yfrog.com/mgdldtohj



“It’s 35 degrees Celsius now. I’m on the set and it’s so hot here. A kind lady let me stay in her store and her husband gave me a bottle of yogurt. Thank you so much. It was so cool!”


credits to Park Shin Hye’s Twitter and Park Shin Hye International