• ujang75 posted an update from snsd 3 years, 5 months ago

    so…where are heading to j.yuri? is ti bz with work? Do take care of yourself n be healthy…cheers n ahppy always to u and all friends here…may god bless all of u… ;)

    • no, only want to make myself comfort. thank you friend :)
      cheers for you too \(*o*)/

    • I see…thats good to hear. Hope u’ll make yourself comfortable n be ready for the days coming…Hope 1 day i can go to Korea…I like watching korean movie n people in Malaysia too… ;) I’m hoping 1 day SNSD will come to Malaysia…only the rules here quite strict but if they follow that should be no problem… ok then..bye…see u next chapter…peace for all people in the world… :)