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Park Shin Hye throws out the first ball for KIA’s opening match

Park Shin Hye will throw out the first pitch for the first time in 6 years.

On April 9, a spokesperson for Park said she will throw out the first pitch for the match between KIA Tigers and Samsung Lions for the ’2012 Korean Pro Base Ball.’ It’s very meaningful that Park will throw the first pitch because the match is the opening match for the KIA Tigers this season.

Park, who is from Kwangju, is well known for supporting the KIA Tigers. She threw out the first pitch for the team when they had a match with Hanhwa Eagles in October, 2006.

At the time, Park showed off her talented pitching skill as a lefthander. People responded: “She did a very good job as a lefthander.” “Perfect form and a perfect angle.” Some people even called her ‘Randy Shin Hye’ after Randy Jones, who is a former Magor League Baseball left-handed pitcher.

A spokesperson for Park’s agency said, “Park will once again throw out the first ball of the season. She is a fan of the KIA Tigers and she loves baseball. After throwing out the first pitch, she will enjoy watching the game.”

Many people are already wondering how Park will throw the first pitch this time.

Park did a grand finale for the ’2012 TGC Girls Collection’ on March 24 in Shanghai, China, as a representative of Korea, China, and Japan.