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STAFF RECRUITMENT for our fanclub.

Hey Starlights or Star Angels! I am the new manager of this fanclub and I promise to do my best to post the latest news and updates of our princess. If you have any suggestions with our page, please feel free to talk to me. In addition, I’m also gonna need some help from you. If you’re willing to be more than just a fan in this site, please apply for the position below:


I need STAFF who can:

1. Designing & decorating fanclub
2. editing articles
3. Communicating with fans
4. Co-working with Manager


If you are interested to apply, please fill in the form below and send it via private message to me.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Nationality:

4. During a day Active period:
5. email:
6. Korea.com ID:
7. Twitter Link:
8. Facebook Link:
9. Your blog address (if any):
10. Proof (how well you can do it):


I am in need of at least three (3) Staff members. Feel free to try the application. :) )