• Time to go home and watch Boys Over Flowers and Dream High !!
    Annyeonghi gaseyo xx

  • Waaaa, I remembered again this kdrama! I watched it even the youtube edition. I miss Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo ♥♥~

  • its nice !!

    cute ur show , i love it ..

    FrOm : Mhiie ..

  • marie123 posted an update 3 years ago

    good morning… ♥

  • yunanerrs posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    i didn’t know we have a new designer @akaa? :P hehe. it’s been a while aye! should i change the background for playful kiss fanclub or should i not? :D

  • annqtie14 posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    hope there’s now a Jung So Min Fan Club ,, can’t wait for it!!!

  • aire posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago


    plzzz….follow me on twitter @air_hit

    thank you!

  • @kissmemarinella thanks for accepting my friend request :)

  • ninie7494 posted an update: 3 years, 10 months ago

    i’ve join this page!
    really fun actually… ^-^

  • add me on facebook guys.. http://www.facebook.com/geronimoMM

  • @happylife, @czarrina16, @kangkim, @hikaru1412 and @magda, you guys are our top 5 best members here in PK fanclub.. we really appreciate it.. Thank you so much..

    • Thank you for your attention1 I came to know this drama lately but have liked it a lot. I have this activity as , like reading a book, I like reviewing certain scenes that make me feel good.My best wishes!

  • instead of its name naughty kiss..???

  • you two are very suitable..

  • andara posted an update: 4 years ago

    playful kiss is a best drama romantic .. especially for jung so min and kim hyun joong

  • outburst143 posted an update: 4 years ago

    Hi @akaa,

    wat time nman po ang interview sa 15? :)

    • akaa replied 4 years ago

      hi there outburst143!

      I’m sorry I’m not from Philippines. I am Indonesia. Would you talk to me in English ? I can’t understand what you talked about :)

    • akaa replied 4 years ago

      Oh that’s! So June 15th is the dateline for collecting the application, Michael. After that we will have a screening test. But well, I change the way to have screen test. So for applying as News Director, I ask you to post news from all Playful Kiss casts and it means you must be active on the club. If you apply as graphic design, please send me…[Read more]

      • actually i apply for staff. I’m confuse does it mean that i chose graphic design? if that’s the case i’d rather be news director :) and i already send my form

    • akaa replied 4 years ago

      Ok Michael. So you want to be a News Director right ?

      Your screening test is please posting as many as possible news from Playful Kiss casts. Don’t just post news from Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, but also from the extended casts of Playful Kiss too. I know you can do it. About the dateline, I will decide when is the dateline, because I will…[Read more]

      • thanks…. i”ll do my best

        • akaa replied 4 years ago

          I know you will !

          You can start to post news from now on. You can take the news from allkpop, dkpopnews, kpoplive, etc. But don’t forget to put the source of the news.

          Good luck, Michael!

          • is that a website or what?

            • akaa replied 4 years ago

              Yes it’s a website that provides everything about Kpop and Kdrama. or you can randomly type in google about the current news of Playful Kiss casts. keyword example in google : KIM HYUN JOONG NEWS JUNE 2011. Just change the actors/actresses name on it

  • akaa posted an update: 4 years ago

    @mish yes. You can add me : Akaa Kobo Chan. Sorry for late replying :)

  • imotih posted an update: 4 years ago

    there is no update about jung so min and kim hyun joong of what they are doing?! concerts, photoshot?! please the director of this fanclub please post some!? thank you!?

  • imotih posted an update: 4 years ago

    i want to see jung so min and kim hyun joong together in another drama!?
    i think they are meant to be!?
    so cheesy!?

    i love you oh ha ni and baek seong jo!?

  • akaa posted an update: 4 years ago

    @taranee hello! how are you ?

  • mish posted an update: 4 years ago

    @aaka hi ^^

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