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Lee Si Young ( Yoon Hae Ra ) shows off her boxing trained figure for “Body Guard MW”

Actress Lee Si Young has headlined countless times for her boxing passion, and even revealed her love for the sport to be the secret behind her healthy figure.

Her latest photoshoot for “Body Guard MW” revealed the efforts of her strict training, as she tackled the theme of ‘In Every Day Life, MW Time’, which aimed to show off a natural, sexy side to the actress in every day settings.

Lee Si Young, who also took home the amateur championship title in a boxing competition last week, surprised the staff by being able to pull off a variety of complex poses, such as the yoga stretch shown above.

For eight hours, she dressed in and out of outfits, and took part in the shoot with a positive attitude that earned her the respect of many.

Park Myung Hwan, the head of Body Guard’s marketing team, commented, “Lee Si Young has always received the love of fans for her down to Earth image. The actress revealed just that, as well as a sexier charm, for her photoshoot. Through her comfortable, casual style, she managed to pull off the MW concept flawlessly.”

Lee Si Young is currently preparing for her lead role in the movie “Dangerous Marriage Greeting,” which is scheduled to be released next month.

Source: BNT News via Nate