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    Good Morning <3

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    My wish this Christmas …. !!
    *i really want to see KPOP especially SNSD !! SUJU !! BOYFRIEND !! and etc. but i know it will take many years to make it come true so …. i only wish instead of meeting them ..! a simple wish ………….. i want to habe even just a collectibles or either posters , albums and etc. !!! ^_______________________________^

  • i had a disease….and it is Girls’ Generation Syndrome! Waaaaaaaaaaaa…i keep on watching and listening to their new song….^_^ i think i’m going crazy…..

  • I’m really Excited….for SNSD new album!! their new song the boys MV will be release tommorow……^_____________^ i want to see it first….<3

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    D = you’re cute
    E = i regret leaving you
    F = i want a relationship with you
    G = i’m falling for you
    H = hug me the next time you see
    I = i want to kiss you
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    K = i want to see you more
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    Good Evening Korea… ^______^

  • joanna1996 posted an update from snsd 3 years, 2 months ago

    Waaaaaaaaaa…..Jo Kwangmin you Stole my heart….!! i really want to see you….!!

  • Don’t touch my girl: Boyfriend …… it was awesome….!!
    i can’t wait for the new album of SNSD The Boys….!!

  • It would be soooooo happy….if can go to KOREA….!! I love everything about Korea especialy KPOP…….^__________^