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Anchor Beer picks Rain as brand ambassador

(Image credit: photographer Zhang Jingna/zemotion) 


SINGAPORE – Anchor Beer has appointed Alchemy Partnership as the creative agency for its latest regional campaign, with Korean celebrity Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) as brand ambassador.


Rain, a music icon who has also ventured in to film with parts in the movies Speed Racer, and Ninja Assassin, was voted by Time Magazine readers as the most influential of 2011. The campaign will be run in Cambodia and China.


Venus Teoh, senior marketing manager of Asia Pacific Breweries Limited group commercial, said the company was excited with the campaign, and was impressed with Rain’s energy and enthusiasm shown in the commercial produced for Anchor Beer.


“The campaign featuring Rain will be launched during the 2011 summer season in China and Cambodia with the aim to deliver a new level of consumer engagement,” she added.


Ceres Chung, head of art at Alchemy, and Caroline Chua, senior writer at Alchemy, conceptualised the spot with the idea of a drop of Anchor Beer turning into a giant pinball, which then shoots across the super bright night-lights of a city, with Rain in quick pursuit.


Alvin Wong Twei, executive partner at Alchemy, meanwhile said, “We wanted a top team on this, so we assembled a squad with the likes of Sydney’s Emerald City Design to work its production magic together with director Chris Godfrey, who has worked on Hollywood films like Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, The Thin Red Line, and Australia. Also roped into the production was L.A. based photographer, Zhang Jingna.”


Credit : Rain-cloud.co.kr