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[Cloud Notice] The news that Rain’s made the rank of private first class and his position has been changed

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.

The Defense Ministry has confirmed on the 24th (today) that Rain’s position has been changed.

[The news that Rain has been selected as an entertainment soldier for The Publicity Department as part of the Ministry of Defence]

The Publicity Department as part of the Ministry of Defence, has finally picked singer Rain (his real name, Jung Ji Hoon), …, …, and…. as entertainment soldiers.

The selected soldiers will do morale support activities for ordinary private soldiers and do

promotional work for the national defense.

(The Defense Ministry Twitter)

Therefore, his unit will be changed to the Force Service Support Group belonging to the

Defense Ministry in March, and the decision on which program he hosts in the department will also be confirmed in March.

★ As his unit has been changed, his address your letters and gifts are sent to will also be changed. Thus, when gifts for him get to unit Key (열쇠부대) after he leaves, they could be discarded without being delivered to him. So, please be patient till his new address is confirmed.

[The news that Rain's made the rank of private first class - Congratulations!!!]

It’s normal for soldiers enlisted last October to gain advancement on March 1st, 5 months after their enlistment, but military officials say that Rain’s been selected as an ultra warrior in a recruit training center, which is why he made the rank of private first class a month ahead of time (February 1st), contrary to other soldiers.

 (The followings are extracts from the original article.)

Rain has been selected as an ultra warrior after passing a test by doing more than 72 pushups and 82 sit-ups in two minutes, and by clocking less than 12m 30s in 3km sprint.

[국방홍보원 홈페이지]

[The website of the Publicity Department as part of the Ministry of Defence] 


 - It’s possible to watch and listen to the live coverage → You don’t need to be a


- The method to enter for an event designed to deliver snacks to soldiers hosted by “Hard Tack & Astral Candy” (건빵과 별사탕) which is one of military radio programs.

(Airtime : 6:00pm~7:00pm)

 1)Sending each of your stories via SMS # 0967 while radio personalities are on the air. (The extra fee for the service is ₩ 50)

 2) Writing a story on its board (Users will have to have a personal login to write)   


- Writing encouraging words to ‘the support group’ (홍보지원대원) helping do promotional work for the national defense.

 ( Users will have to have a personal login to write) 


[The twitter of the support group belonging to the Defense Ministry]


[위문열차 공식 트위터]

[The official twitter of "Train to Provide Comfort to Soldiers"(위문열차)]


Under the name Cloud, we’ll continue to do support activities for our artist Rain doing his best in everything.

Please give him your interest and support.

Thank you.


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