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[Fan Post] 2PM is Happy to Perform Where RAIN Had Performed

The 2PM members opened up on how they felt about their 6 Beautiful Days concerts at the press conference held on May 30 before the day’s concert.

The series of concerts mark an unprecedented six day K-Pop concert in Budokan, and also 2PM’s second anniversary in Japan.

The 2PM members agreed, “We’re happy to be performing in Budokan six days in a row, and we’re performing with the thought that we’re representing Korea.”

Taecyeon said, “We first heard about the Budokan when we had just become trainees. We heard at the time that Rain hyung (big brother) would be the first Korean singer to perform at the Budokan.”

He added, “I heard at the time also that Budokan is a great place where even Japanese singers can’t perform in easily, so I felt great when it was confirmed that we would be performing at Budokan as 2PM. I was so moved at the thought that we would be able to stand where Rain hyung had stood.”

“I believe the Budokan is a great place that allows fans watch performances comfortably with its excellent audio system and near stage,” Chansung said. “I’m happy to be holding a concert at a meaningful venue, and I hope we get to perform again at the Budokan in the future.”

2PM held its six Budokan concerts on May 24, 25, 28, 29, 30 and 31. The Budokan can hold more than 10,000 people, and is known as the ‘stage of every singer’s dreams’ among Japanese singers also.

In the case of 2PM, as soon as the 60,000 tickets for the six concerts were opened, all the tickets sold out.

Photo credit: JYP

source: global.mnet.com