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[Fan Post] Rain with soldiers at Les Graines

source : http://www.miral1004.org/community/community03.php

[English translation]
- PR soldiers practice making bread at Les Graines -
PR soldiers serving in the military visited Les Graines on Saturday, April 14.
As a means of informing the young soldiers about our work and of giving an opportunity for them to work with us on the occasion of National Disabled Persons Day, they were invited.
Even if famous actors and singers came, our staffs just worked silently without looking at them.
Assistant ‘Nam Beom Seon’ removed all the finished things they had made as if he didn’t like those things.
When the things passed the quality test after they made several attempts, they cheered. The PR soldiers and ‘Nam Beom Seon’ are around the same age.
What makes you think there is a difference between able-bodied and disabled people?
English Translation by 화니