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Rain is First to Pass Both 6G and 9G (G-Force) Training Tests

The production crew of the upcoming fighter jet movie R2B: Return to Base has revealed Rain’s astounding training video.

As previously reported, Rain passed the 6G and 9G G-Force tests while training with the Korean Air Force for the film.

As fellow co-star Kim Sung Soo explains, real jet pilot trainees must successfully pass 6G without fainting in training to become real pilots. In his first-ever attempt, Rain passed the 6G without issue.

However, it didn’t end there as Rain insisted that he wanted to give 9G a shot. He proceeded to do so right away and successfully passed 9G without fainting.

Only 1 percent of jet pilots have managed to successfully withstand 9G and additionally, according to Korea′s Air Force, Rain was the first person to have successfully undergone both 6G and 9G, one after the other, consecutively.

R2B: Return to Base will premiere on August 15 in Korea.

Watch the thrilling video of Rain’s successful tests by clicking here.

Photo credit: CJ E&M

source : enews & naver