About Me

I ♥ SHINee
I ♥ Onew
I ♥ Taemin
I ♥ minho
I ♥ key
I ♥ jongyhun
Onew ♥ December 14, 1989
Jonghyun ♥ April 8, 1990
Key ♥ 23 September 1991
Minho ♥ December 9, 1991
Taemin ♥ 18 July 1993

-klo like the same thing for hard bangeettt ngelepasin
-hobby eat
-not like in command
-do not like waiting
-never cry because shinee
willing to skip time-sma tutoring just for buying a magazine that there is an image the same key jonghyunnya
-most care about laptops because all the data I was there about shinee
-not like the same person alay
people who like the same-style mess
-obsessed to Korea (Jeju Island)
ngebajak-liked person in the know fb near
kissing-like smell of new magazines
-pngen really to Jeju Island with people in love
-really want to wear a clown costume, but the shape of animals or dolls

My language is not good,but I know how to write “SHINee”

My math is not good,but I know what mean “5”

My English is not good but I know the way to write “SHINee”

My history is not good,but I know what happen on 28 May 2008

My geography is not good, but I can found Seoul, Korea when I hold a world

My physics is not good,but I know SHAWOLS turn around SHINee

My chemistry is not good,but I’m clear, happiness=SHINee+SHAWOLS= ♥

My biology is not good,but I saw SHINee strive

My art is not good,but I can draw SHINee well in my mind

My music is not good,but I can sing all SHINee’s songs

My sports is not good, but my heart will follow SHINee go around all the world

My message is not good,but I will search for SHINee everyday

Although I can’t do anything, although I don’t know every thing, I know I have SHINee

Staff f(x) fans club in @Gateway2korea / / / @llama_ajol i'm always support you and f(x)


May 26, 1993

I am