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[Cloud Notice] A Notice for Cloud Fan Club Members

Hi, we’re 8th term Cloud executive board.

We’ve been receiving many inquiries regarding the schedule of our artist Rain.

Many fans who attended his performances, after observing the unfortunate conditions at the performance site, have repeatedly contacted us requesting us to confirm whether the information regarding our artist’s official schedule is correct.

The truth of the situation is that our artist has been dispatched to events that are not

official military performances, but rather private broadcasting events or regional community events that are unrelated to strictly official military affairs or various other events that merely present a superficial appearance of qualifying as military events.


Under these circumstances, although on the one hand we applaud the fact that our artist has been honored as a public relations solider to participate in giving performances on the Defense Agency for Public Information Services’s ‘Consolatory Train’ program to help boost the morale of military members, on the other hand we must note that the fundamental reason that our artist is currently being compelled to follow an excessively exhausting schedule is because he is being dispatched to performances that should not be required for the honorable fulfillment of his military duties.

We of course wholeheartedly agree that our artist, as a member of the military and also

as a PR soldier, is naturally obligated to participate in military performances such as the

‘Consolatory Train’ program or in events scheduled as official military affairs sanctioned

by the national government.



Moreover, members of the Cloud fan club are well aware and proud of the fact that our artist has been diligently fulfilling these roles.


The current situation, however, is seriously in need of remedy.



Many events that are ostensibly scheduled as the duties of a PR soldier are distorted

from their official purpose, and we are skeptical whether many instances of local

community events and even some municipal and military events ought to qualify as

genuine military events in their essence merely because there are some soldiers are

seated in the audience.


Moreover, we members of the Cloud fan club community cannot sit back and condone a situation in which our artist is being subject to cumulative fatigue from a grueling schedule, overburdened with a full load of performances slated back to back without any respite.


We would like to particularly point out that the artist is being compelled to follow this

schedule without being given an opportunity to recover from the difficulties of his cellulitis.


In addition, we must clearly emphasize the fact that necessary safety issues have been

neglected at some recent events, raising concerns regarding the risk of accidents.


In response, we urge the member of our Cloud community to unify in support to seek a

solution to these concerns.


We encourage members to contact the Ministry of Defense and the Support Group

Attached to the Defense Agency’s Public Information Services using all possible means

of communication, via their on-line bulletin boards, phone, fax or Twitter, etc., to request a remedy.


Please do not express your concerns in an emotional or excitable manner, and take

caution to present your concerns in respectful language, with logical and rational


We regret having to share such a heavy-hearted message on our artist’s birthday,

which should have been an occasion for celebration and joy. However, we believe that

our first priority as fans is to come together as one force to seek assistance for our

artist, and therefore we take this opportunity to request all our wise Cloud members to

actively participate in promoting this cause.

We would also greatly appreciate the active participations of Cloud fan members

outside Korea.

Thank you.

* Defense Agency for Public Information Services Homepage : http://www.dema.mil.kr/

* Defense Agency for Public Information Services on Twitter : @demadub

* Contact Phone Number for the Defense Agency for Public Information Service External

Relations Team : 02-2079-3125

* Contact Representative for Defense Agency for Public Information Services Events

: Choi Eui Seong.


Source: http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/common/login.asp?gourl=/common/board/content.asp&query=ref-4723^board_id-b_08062719294427^page-1^search_what-^keyword