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[Cloud Notice] The show times for “The Global R2B Screening” are changed & things noted

Hi, I’m a 8th term Cloud executive member.

It is said that the reaction to the R2B premiere was very good, so the release date of the

film has been advanced from Aug.15 to Aug.14.

Please refer to the above when you book your tickets in advance.

* The show times for “The Global R2B Screening” scheduled for Aug.14, have

been changed.

2:00pm ㅡ> 2:00pm

4:00pm ㅡ> 4:20pm

6:00pm ㅡ> 6:30pm

8:00pm ㅡ> 8:40pm (The actors in the film will give thanks before the cinema audience.)

* Tickets for “The Global R2B Screening” & raffle tickets, will be distributed in Yongsan

CGV lobby (Information desk & Cloud banner will be installed) from 1:00pm to 8:30pm.

* Three sets of souvenirs (teaser poster&main poster/ fan /mouse pad) will be given to

every participant.

20 winners of the draw will receive Rain’s handwritten autographs.

*The place where congratulatory gifts for Rain will be accepted for him :

-The Information desk where tickets will be distributed.

-Items & names should be placed on the gift list.

The total number of participants in “The Global R2B Screening” is more than 2,000.

We hope the film will be a great success. Have a good time~^^

# A notice about volunteers (supporters) on the spot will be posted separately.


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