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[Photo] Another side of RANIA!

Can you recognise them? They are none other than the sexiest and hottest girl group in Korea, RANIA. :)

On 27 June, RANIA leader Saem revealed a group photo of fresh faced RANIA together with their teacher via her twitter.

She posted the above photo with a caption ”Good teacher Hyojeong and RANIA children.”

The photo shows RANIA’s natural look with minimal makeup.

After viewing the photo, netizens responded “RANIA are pretty!”, “Cute!”, “I miss you!”, “More photos of RANIA please!”.

RANIA usually have thick heavy makeup when they performed on stage.

Do you feel they look sweet and refreshing without their usual heavy makeup?

Meantime RANIA is preparing for their comeback. I can’t wait to see the new concept for these six beautiful young ladies. Let’s wait patiently for them. :D


Credit: Saem’s twitter