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Secret’s Hyo Seong: I want to raise a dog but what about…

Secret’s Hyo Seong revealed her mind unwantedly at the audition for the temporary looking after deserted dogs, and made people laugh out loud.

On KBS2’s the Declaration of Freedom Saturday that aired on the 12th, the audition for the temporary looking after deserted dogs was held, which Secret’s Hyo Seong appeared on.

After having time with dogs in an empty room, Hyo Seong had an interview with emcee Lee Whee Jae and Boom. She said, “I have raised a cat before. It used to live on the street, yet found relief while I took care of it.”

Hyo Seong added, “I believe it’s a good idea to share love with deserted dogs.” However, she couldn’t her frank opinion by frowning when Ji Eun asked this question: “What would you do if you found the dog’s excrement on the floor, when you get home at 4a.m.”

Spotting her frowning face, MC Lee quipped, “I got you. You are out.” Embarrassed Hyo Seong appealed, “OMG! I really wanted to raise one, though.”

“Birth of a Family,” is a segment on Declaration on Freedom Saturday, in which celebrities look after deserted dogs temporally in house and focus on raising awareness on deserted pets.

Source: TV Report