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Secret’s Jing Geo dyes her hair black and shows off her slim figure

Secret’s Jing Geo looks totally different with her black dyed hair.

In the afternoon of January 30, Jing Geo uploaded pictures and tweeted, “I changed. Black haired Jing Geo. I feel awkward myself because it’s been a while since I last had black hair. I’m sure that you feel awkward as well, but let’s get used to it by constantly looking at it.”

Jing Geo dyed her hair black from her light brown hair. What attracted the most attention however, is her slim figure.

Netizens commented: “Jing Geo, you have nicer body than when you had black hair. It’s awesome.” You’re so pretty Jing Geo. I think black hair makes people look sexy.” “I see that you have the perfect body after some diets. Wow.”