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SECRET gains more male fans through ‘Starlight Moonlight’

Girl group SECRET made a sweeping comeback with “Starlight Moonlight“, which signalled their growth both as artists and female idols. Every time SECRET released a new single, it’s more or less recorded first place; simultaneously, their number of male fans has also increased exponentially.

The girls were recently interviewed about their charms, which shone through both their performances and music video.

When asked “Do you practice your eye-smiles every day?”, SECRET shook their hands feverishly said, “Not ever. All four of us naturally have eye-smiles. We’re born with it.

The reporter then moved on to ask which aspects stood out the most with this album, to which Hyosung boldly replied, “We became more feminine and prettier. Shy charms were also added.

Hyosung also felt that SECRET’s fanbase had increased because of this album. The members agreed that, “We have a lot of uncle fans, but through ‘Starlight Moonlight’, we acquired a lot of young fans as well. Before, we learned our  fans’ names, but now, we can’t memorize them all. On the one hand, we’re sorry to the fans, but on the other hand, we feel kind of accomplished when we see our increasing fanbase.

The girls concluded their mini-interview with a vocalization of their goals. “Now that we possess the know-hows of the stage, we have a more relaxed outlook as well. Recently, it’s been hard with all the schedules, but we’ll pursue activities busily. We think that we’ll have a better result in the future if we work hard in Japan as well.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate