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Secret takes a picture with B.A.P at the beach

A picture of Secret and B.A.P members together in Singapore was recently released and attracted attention. Secret and B.A.P belong to the same agency.

On March 26, TS Entertainment uploaded a picture of Secret and B.A.P members together on its official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The picture was taken at Sentosa, a popular tourist spot in Singapore. It’s reported that the two groups went to Singapore for a joint fan meeting and took the picture while they were taking a break.

In the picture, Secret and B.A.P members are smiling brightly and making the V-sign with their fingers. Dressed in comfortable casual clothes, they seem to be enjoying their break. Han Seon Hwa draws special attention in her long beach dress.

Secret and B.A.P went to Singapore on March 22 to have a joint fan meeting, titled Secret & B.A.P 1st Singapore Fan Meeting. They came back to Korea on the 24th.