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[Confirmed News] SHINee’s Jonghyun’s twitter account ~!

Many Shawols have been speculating on whether it is Jonghyun’s real account or not as there are a lot of “fake accounts” out there. An account named 김앵욱 (@ywww) is following and publicising Jonghyun’s twitter account saying that it is the ‘real’ SHINee’s Kim JongHyun’s account. @ywww is being follwed by lee Hongki (the lead singer in F.T.Island) So im guessing that 김앵욱 (@ywww) would be announcing and publicising the truth?
As of now no one is sure about this but a picture was uploaded by @realjonghyun90 which is of his jeans and boots and both the jeans and boots were worn by jonghyun to the airport for music bank in Paris ~!!!

“”[FYI] at the first time, when Jjong made a twitter account he shocked because so many people have an account by using his name.So, jonghyun made his acc last night when he hangs out with his friend! He tried 5 uname for his account but already taken by fakers.Jjong tried to use “Jonghyun” “Jjongman” “Jjongjjong” as his uname but all those names already taken. and finally he found @realjonghyun90. Lots of tweeps didn’t believe that @realjonghyun90 is the real one. And he tried to make us believe by saying “Told you it’s me!”. And Jjong admitted that this twitter is pretty comlicated to use !! Jjong feels that his uname is childish. but it has to be used because a lot of IDs are all being used !!^^”"

~ Jonghyun then later tweeted to  Nicole of Kara saying :

[TRANS] Jonghyun’s tweet to Nicole: “Call~ Do people usually not easily believe you when you start tweeting?” (cr: hanatwothree)
he also tweeted to @ywww ~!

Below is the image that @realjonghyun uploaded onto his twitter account:

“저라니까요” Message twitted with the pic :)And below is the same outfit that JongHyun wore to the airport for Music Bank in Paris ~

As you can see both the jeans and the boots are the same ~!!!
Just today Jong tweeted again with a another pic confirming that he is the “real” Jonghyun lead vocalist of SHINee ;)
~*partys* ~ to follow Jjong ~ @realjonghyun90

Credit: @realjonghyun90, @ywww, SHINee World, shashawol ^^