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[Eng] SHINee World II in Seoul 2 Press Conference Interview

A press conference was held prior to SHINee’s concert “SHINee WORLD II in SEOUL” on July 22 at 4PM in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium. Maybe it’s because they already saw their fans yesterday, but their faces were full of easygoing smiles.

- How does it feel to perform?
We’re holding our second concert in Korea. We named it as an extension of our last concert and it means that we’re showing a world that’s just for us. Since we worked hard to prepare, I believe many people will go home smiling. I hope they’ll anticipate it a lot. (Jonghyun)

- Hidden weapon of the concert?
The scale is bigger and there are more events compared to our first concert. If I say it more specifically, it will be a spoiler but there’s a performance that will make you feel like you’re watching a show at an amusement. (Jonghyun)

For our solo stages, we prepared something that each of us are good at and can show properly. Please look forward to our solo stages and of course our group performances as well. (Minho)

The main focus of the stages were the song but there were parts when we did some fun things through performance. (Onew)

I’ve prepared a joint performance with a member. (Jonghyun)

- You did an arena tour.
The synchronization between the members improved and we learned how to sync with the audience. It was a great experience. (Minho)

- You cried hard during the concert on the 21st.
I cried because it was a happy day. I wasn’t thinking “I should cry” but I cried. The fans prepared an event and it was really touching. It wasn’t just me, but everyone cried. I think we cried because we’re thankful to our fans. (Jonghyun)

I think I shed tears because of the fans’ gift. (Taemin)

- Why do you think you’re loved by international fans?
I think it’s because of our overseas activities and performance experience. Since we are a group that introduces K-pop, I think we need to go on stage being careful. Not only did we learn how to synchronize with each other and learn languages, but we also learned how to receive energy. (Jonghyun)

- Will you have chances to meet fans in the future?
We’ll show more performances as much as we are a group that creates and leads trends. We’ll meet many fans through the tour, concert, and such. (Jonghyun)

- Is Minho’s drama filming going well?
I’ll be playing the protagonist of the SBS TV drama “For You In Full Blossom”. I hope you’ll look forward to the high jump scenes while watching the drama. It’s my first time doing something like this so please watch over me a lot. I’m still aiming for the high jump record. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been doing well. My best record so far is 175cm. I jumped about Jonghyun’s height. (Minho)

- Feeling of seeing hoobaes as a senior?
We have male hoobaes now. Because we have new hoobaes, I felt that we had to show an even more passionate performance. (Minho)

Just like how we practiced and learned a lot by watching our sunbaes, I hope our hoobaes can do the same as they watch us. (Jonghyun)

Source: TV Report
Translated by kimchi hana @ shineee.net